With our service philosophy of always satisfying customers, we would like to produce according to customers' specific requirements. Based on domestic and looking at the world, we have established a customer service center that caters for all clients. Now our customers are from all over the world, such as UK, USA, Turkey, Iran, Italy, France, Belgium, Israel, Thailand.

ePTFE waterproof and moisture permeable membrane is made of PTFE resin. It is specially processed, biaxially stretched, and uses unique technology to form ePTFE into a microporous film with a diameter of 100-500nm.It has more than 1 billion holes per square centimeter. The pores are 700 times larger than the water vapor molecules and 10,000 times smaller than the water molecules, allowing the membrane to allow both air and water vapor to pass through the membrane freely while rejecting the water. After many years of exploration and continuous improvement, special treatment on the membrane can improve the service life and wear resistance of the membrane. It Can be combined with any fabric. Clothing can add various functions to make the human body more comfortable, and is known as "breathable fabric".

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Dirección / Wuxing District Science and Technology Park building 25,Huzhou,Zhejiang,China

CP / 313000

Población / 1400000000

Teléfono / 86-572-2299928

Fax / 86-572-2262369

Web empresa / https://www.eptfemembrane.net

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