1. UPVC Valve, Pipe, Fitting    2. CPVC Valve, Pipe, Fitting     3. PPH Valve, Pipe, Fitting    4. UPVC CLEAR Valve, Pipe, Fitting    5. PVDF valve 1. Válvula, tubería, y accesorio de UPVC 2. Válvula, tubería, y accesorio de CPVC 3. Válvula, tubería, y accesorio de PPH 4. Válvula, tubería, y accesorio de UPVC CLEAR 5. Válvula de PVDF

Flowcolour International Trade (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is the exclusive global distributor of Xiamen Sanideng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., who operates the famous brand Sanking in the Thermoplastic Piping System field. 

Here is brief introduction to our products :

   1. UPVC Valve, Pipe, Fitting
   2. CPVC Valve, Pipe, Fitting
   3. PPH Valve, Pipe, Fitting
   4. UPVC CLEAR Valve, Pipe, Fitting
   5. PVDF valve

Sanideng started its manufacturing in Taiwan in 1976, and grown up in Xiamen City, China. With more than 40-years experience and efforts on the Thermoplastic Valve, Pipes, and Fittings, Sanking has established its reputation and global sales network, e.g. Taiwan, China, UK, Spain, US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc. Our annual sales is around USD 20 Million from our 100 employees' hard work. 

The quality of our valve and pipe systems are comparable to famous brands like GF, ASAHI, AGRU, FIP Y CEPEX..etc. 

Our valves are 100% inspected before leaving the factory.

About Certification we have SGS, DIN, CNS, JIS, ANSI, CE, NSF and ISO9001

Please browse our website www.sanking.cn/en/ for further information.


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CP / 361100

Población / XIAMEN

Teléfono / 13400719453

Web empresa / http://www.sanking.cn/en/


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