por Gabriela Reyes, Pastora Fernández, Antonio Díaz, Alfredo Ramos y Juan Santos, INERCO 12 de junio, 2018 Artículos técnicos comentarios Bookmark and Share
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This article reflects on the tools designed to ensure safety in industrial facilities, with the aim of reducing the likelihood of accidents and achieving the safety of people and the environment, as well as meeting the production and profitability requirements of their investments.

Industrial regulation, technical standards, design standards and accumulated experience are important guarantees for attaining high levels of safety in the design and engineering of large industrial installations and thereby ensuring operational and business continuity.
Nonetheless, despite complying with regulation and design codes, there is no such thing as zero risk. Industrial installations design and implement safety measures for managing their assets with the twin goals of both reducing the probability of an incident occurring as much as possible and minimizing the associated consequences of any such incident, always seeking to do so in accordance with people safety, the environment and the production and profitability requirements of their investments.


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